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Surveying Fees

All our staff are highly skilled and qualified in Surveying and Town Planning. Fees will depend on the particular type of survey to be completed. The two most common requests we have are for:

IDENTIFICATION SURVEYS : $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 is standard for 80% of the typical house lots in the region. This is for the re-pegging of existing Titles/Lots/Boundaries (where your fence should be). This includes the preparation and lodgement of an Identification Survey Plan in the Titles Office in accordance with the Survey and Mapping Infrastructure Act 2003. Fees for rural or regional properties are often higher, depending on the locality and age of the area.

FORM 16 (Set out or Final Aspect) CERTIFICATION: As low as $800.00 and sometimes up and over $2,000 can be the cost for this level of work. This is where you have a Building Approval, with a Condition stating a Surveyor’s Certificate (Form 12) is required. The cost depends on what level of work your Building Certifier requires of us.

Other Survey includes: Mapping Survey, Contour and Detail Survey, Set out Survey for Construction, Flood Level Survey,

Certification Survey, Lease Survey for commercial or industrial premises and As Constructed Survey (for completed pipes, roads and other infrastructure).

For between $100 and $350 we will purchase Survey Plans and History from the Titles Office on your behalf, and our Surveyor’s will review this information to provide you with an accurate quotation for Survey. Complicated tenure issues require more intensive research and a customised fee can be supplied on request.

Planning Fees

We pride ourselves on providing accurate and worthwhile advice about the development potential of your property. What this means is that our fees are catered to suit your requirements.

Council fees are available on their website and, as a general rule of thumb, our Town Planner fees may be similar to those charged by Council. In any case, some homework must be done in the form of a desk-top study and often, a site visit by our Planners.

DESK-TOP STUDY/INITIAL REVIEW: For $500 + GST our qualified Surveyors and Town Planners can carry out and assess the potential for development of your property. This is usually undertaken in a 10 to 15 business day period and is often referred to as a ‘Desk-top study’. This initial review allows our experienced staff a little time to understand the key challenges to address when lodging a Development Application. Our findings will determine the next steps – what we call a ‘where to from here’.

We can cater our initial review to suit any of your development goals and objectives, time constraints and requirements.

Our overall fees for preparing planning applications are based on:

  • The level of assessment for the application to Council (Code or Impact – ‘Consistent’ or ‘Inconsistent’ development);
  • The number of Planning Scheme Codes and Policies to be addressed;
  • The level of detail required for a Site Plan/Plan of Development; and
  • The number of Sub-consultants required to assist with the project.

Management of Development Conditions

Baird & Hayes’ qualified Town Planners are experienced in assisting you with the development conditions that must be fulfilled as part of a Development Approval issued by a Local Government. Whether it be for a Material Change of Use, Reconfiguring a Lot or Operational Work, we can quickly and professionally:

  • Obtain quotations and advice from sub-consultants;
  • Liaise with sub-consultants and contractors;
  • Negotiate/deal with service providers (UU, NBN, Energex, etc.);
  • Finalise the ‘compliance package’ for Council review, signing and sealing of documents;
  • Lodge documentation and Survey Plans to the Titles Office.

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