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Surveyors and Planners – Positive Relationships for a Successful Development

By liam-henry In building, Construction, Consultancy, Conveyancing, Development, Planning, Property On October 9, 2018

At Baird & Hayes, we specialise in Survey and Town Planning Services. Since 1946 until now, we have developed positive relationships with other industry leaders in the fields of Engineering, Architecture, Building Design, Certification, Ecology, Geotechnical Engineering, Building and Construction and many others like Real Estate and Law.

We appreciate that clients or their project managers have deadlines to meet to ensure property development success. Therefore, we have focused on improving our relationships with other consultants and professionals to ensure you save time and money (and some stress) of doing all the networking yourself.

If you or someone else need advice on who to get in touch with for any related profession, please get in touch. We are more than happy to make a suggestion and recommendation based on our experiences to date.

Baird & Hayes works closely with many other professionals to finish your project on time.