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Surveyor’s Certification, As-Constructed Survey and ADAC

By liam-henry In ADAC, As Constructed, building, Certification, Construction, Development, Property, Surveying On March 30, 2020

Following the issue of a Council Development Approval you will very likely be required to upgrade existing or construct new infrastructure and services for your development or to the development site. This usually includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Reticulated Sewer (manholes, mains, house connections, of various shapes and sizes)
  • Reticulated Waters (water meters, hydrants, mains, house connections, of various shapes and sizes)
  • Stormwater (manholes, pipes and other drainage infrastructure)
  • Roads (surface profiling for roads, kerb and channel)

The relevant authority (for example, Council and/or Queensland Urban Utilities) have very specific requirements with regards to the application for, and construction of, such infrastructure. At each stage of the construction a suitably qualified person must certify that the infrastructure is designed and then located in the correct place.

This is where Baird & Hayes and our team of Registered Cadastral Surveyors come in.

ADAC – “Asset Design As-Constructed”, is the current standard for the location and certification of all new Services for Queensland Urban Utilities, Unity Water and several Major Councils. Each Authority has its own specific ADAC requirements to ensure compatibility with geographic (GIS) and building (BIM) Asset Management Systems, and compliance for your development.

Baird and Hayes maintain licenced, ADAC accredited software that produces compliant files (XML) catered to each authority’s specification. Using MGA (Map Grid of Australia) and AHD (Australian Height Datum), our experienced staff will ensure that the spatial information is Level A Quality ready for your project engineer to add the SEQ codes for materials and structure details.

What do you need to do now?

  1. Contact your supervising engineer.
  2. Arrange for them to send to us all of the approvals and current designs.
  3. We will then contact you with a price / scope of works for addressing your requirements.

contact us today on (07) 3812 2076.