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What Makes Baird & Hayes Unique

By bairdandhayes In Planning On July 12, 2016

With so many companies offering surveying and town planning services, it can sometimes be tough to find the one that has been trusted by countless Queensland developers and property owners for decades. Baird & Hayes is that company, and the name you can count on. Baird & Hayes take surveying and concept planning to the next level. Here’s what makes our company and services unique.

surveyingWhat Makes Us Different

Our endless commitment to excellence

For the last 20 years, we have seen a lot of companies offering development advice and feasibility studies come and go, but Baird & Hayes has remained strong. Established in 1946 by Ken Baird and Keith Hayes, our endless commitment to excellence is what sets us apart. For 70 years, we’ve built a reputation for technical excellence and dedicated professionalism, as well as good old-fashioned service, which is quite rare these days. We continue to uphold this tradition by following our motto of “Quality, Value, Service, and Friendliness.”

Our quality assurance

At Baird & Hayes, no document leaves our office unchecked. We have developed our own standard QA procedures for checking and final reviewing of all documentation, which we follow religiously to ensure the quality and reliability of our services. All of the projects we handle are reviewed on a weekly basis to ensure that everything is progressing as scheduled and to prevent unnecessary delays.

Our personalised services

We firmly believe that every project is unique and know that what worked for Client A may not work for Client B. For this reason, we always endeavour to provide our clients with services that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements. This helps them save time and effort, as well as to ensure that they will get the solutions and results they’re looking for.

Our dedicated customer support team

At Baird & Hayes, one of our goals is to give our clients with services that will meet or exceed their expectations. This is why as part of our “Quality, Value, Service, and Friendliness” motto, we always make sure to provide them with excellent customer service. We believe that our clients are essential to the success of our company. We hire only the best to be part of our dedicated customer support team, so they can enjoy services that will give them peace of mind and great value for their money.

Enjoy the Baird & Hayes Advantage

If you want fast, efficient and reliable town planning or surveying services, be sure to trust only Baird & Hayes. We’ll be there for you in every step of the way.