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Us Aussies have a knack for getting things done! Many of us have hobbies which then extend to helping friends, family and perhaps other members of the public. But once your hobby starts to look more like a business, despite working from home, you will need to have a look at your local Planning Scheme to determine whether you need a Development Approval for a Home Based Activity.


The situation around the Coronavirus has also forced many people to look for alternative sources of income. We have certainly noticed a difference here in Ipswich and surrounding areas…


In the Ipswich City Council area for example, home business is categorised under the Home Based Activity Code and, depending on whether there is an ‘industrial’ aspect, you may also be sub-categorised as Home Industry.


It is important to remember that just because you are operating from your home, whether you rent or own the property, does not mean you can operate without a Council Approval. So, before you get started, Baird & Hayes would usually ask you general questions such as:

  • Does the business generate a low numbers of visitors or clients? (i.e., by appointment only, 2 visitors or clients per hour, and 10 visitors or clients per day?).
  • Does the business operate between 7am and 6pm Monday to Saturday only?
  • Does the floor area for the activity not exceed 50 square metres?
  • Do all persons who are engaged or employed in the activity, reside on the premises? (i.e., with the allowance for only 1 other person who does not reside on the premises).
  • Is there room on site, or in front of the premises, for visitor or client car parking?


Depending on how you answer the above, Baird & Hayes will be able to advise that your proposed Home Based Activity is either one of the following:

  • Self Assessable (no Development Application required so long as you comply with certain ‘Acceptable Solutions’ in the Ipswich Planning Scheme); or
  • Code Assessable (a Development Application is required to Ipswich City Council, where your proposed home business will be assessed for compliance against the relevant ‘Probable Solutions’ in the Ipswich Planning Scheme); or
  • Impact Assessable (a Application is required to Council, like Code Assessable, but will require Public Notification and a higher level of scrutiny by Council’s Assessment Team);
  • May need some more ‘fine tuning’.


Recent applications that Baird & Hayes have submitted to Ipswich City Council have hinged on a few particular items of interest, that property/business owners need to be aware of – ranging from noise/acoustic issues to traffic management/parking concerns.


If you are thinking about running your business from home – a Home Based Activity – then please contact Baird & Hayes Surveyors and Town Planners today. We will help you sift through the requirements and lead you in the right direction:

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