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Meet the Team Part Two!

By bairdandhayes In Uncategorized On September 14, 2022

Name: Tinh Ly 

Position/Title: Town Planner BRTP, PIA (Affiliate) 

Qualifications: Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning  

What do you value in the Ipswich region?

  • The strong sense of community within the Ipswich Region! From my personal experience while I was at Westside Christian College, I actively participated in Ipswich Relay For Life towards a moving cause of raising funds for Cancer Council and honour those who went through a cancer experience. 

What things do you enjoy about your role at B&H?

  • The rewarding feeling of helping clients with their needs, including clients within the Ipswich Region as I am a local in Camira! 
  • Diverse range of tasks involved as a Town Planner at B&H, with the purpose of helping clients achieve the best possible development outcome for their project! 

What things are special about the B&H Business? 

  • As I am a part of the small family business at B&H, the B&H Business is an inclusive workplace 
  • The rich history of B&H – a true local Ipswich firm with 75 years of experience, which I am grateful to be a part of 

What do you do for fun, when away for work? 

  • Afternoon walks around the local parks in Camira 
  • Exploring different places to eat 
  • Watching sports particularly the NRL and Tennis 

What are your future career aspirations? 

  • Seeking to be the best version of myself as a Town Planner through continuous professional development 

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