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Scheme: ICC’s Current and Draft Planning Instruments

By liam-henry In Advice, Consultancy, Conveyancing, Development, Government, Ipswich, Planning On February 22, 2022

Credit: ICC – Planning and Development – link

The Ipswich City Council “Statement of Proposals” for the Draft Planning Scheme was open for public consultation in the middle of 2019. As a response, Baird & Hayes made several submissions to Council for consideration.

In almost three years, ICC are yet to finalise a full Draft for the next step in the process.

On Council’s website (click here) is a 5 step process for completing the documentation ready for implementation. But Council are currently only up to step 1b. This means they are working with the 2019 consultation information to produce a Draft Scheme.

When Council have prepared the Draft Scheme, the State Government will review and make amends before release to us, the Public, for further and formal Consultation. Following this, Council will adopt State Government changes and will consider submissions we make for people across the City and Region.

So, what can we expect?

At the very least, Council will make the following changes (among many others):
– Broad changes to zoning;
– Update Flood Mapping;
– Strengthen protection of character and amenity codes;
– Reduced opportunities for infill development in established areas.

Council have taken quite some time to get to where we are today. So we believe the Planning Scheme may not be available to the Public for Consultation until early-mid 2023. Therefore, please do not wait for the new scheme to lodge an application! We encourage you to do it now! This is because some of the changes may have a negative impact on development potential of your land.

Baird & Hayes are all over the requirements of the current Planning Instruments for Ipswich and the surrounding regions of Somerset, Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba Region, Brisbane and beyond.

Please contact the team today so we can get your project moving. Please use our contact us form or call the office on (07) 3812 2076.

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