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Top 5 Reasons to Do Business with Baird & Hayes

By bairdandhayes In Planning On July 8, 2016

The development and construction industry is known for intense competition as well as strict rules and regulations. This is why if you want to make it big in this industry, you need the assistance of people you can trust, like Baird & Hayes. Throughout the decades, Baird & Hayes has built a solid reputation for providing reliable town planning services and other related solutions that help developers and builders carry out new building works and construction projects with ease. If you want to achieve success with your projects, then look at the Baird and Hayes advantage.

The Baird & Hayes Advantage

bairdandhayesDecades of excellence

Since 1946, the company has been offering town planning and surveying services to help their clients succeed with their respective projects. Being in the business for 70 years is a clear testament to Baird & Hayes’ commitment to delivering quality solutions.

Willingness to go the extra mile

The team at Baird & Hayes are known for going beyond the call of duty just to meet clients’ expectations. In fact, Ken Baird, the founder of the company, has been known to do anything to ensure that a job will be carried out as scheduled. When doing jobs through the southern and western parts of Queensland, he would ride camels when conditions were deemed unsafe or too rough for a truck. Ken’s attitude and steadfast commitment to completing a project is one of the things the company is very proud of and one that the next generation of Baird & Hayes surveyors and planners are constantly emulating.

Quick response rate

Baird & Hayes is a company that utilises its small size to its advantage. Because the company is just a small firm, they can provide clients with fast turnaround time for documentation and communication between clients and the nominated project manager or staff member in charge. Depending on the scope of the project, they are able to provide a fee proposal in just one to three days. In addition, the company can also prepare planning reports in two weeks, provided that clients are able to submit all of the required supporting documents and information.

Personalised services

Because no projects are exactly alike, the company offers personalised services to meet the specific needs of clients. To ensure efficient services and quick turnaround time, Baird & Hayes work closely with other consultancy firms to obtain specialised engineering, environmental and architectural expertise.

Commitment to delivering quality solutions

To ensure the high quality of their services, Baird & Hayes follow the standard quality assurance (QA) procedures developed by the company for checking and final-reviewing of all documentation. All projects are reviewed every week to prevent problems and unnecessary delays.

Trust Only the Experts

Whether you require assistance with surveying or site planning analysis, be sure to trust only the experts. Hire Baird & Hayes for your project’s success.